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Costa Rica WaterfallCosta Rica is located in the Central American isthmus, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a privileged destination because of its location in the middle of the Western Hemisphere. Its varied landscapes and mild climate make this small country the perfect getaway for a spectacular vacation, medical or health tourism, a memorable business meeting or convention.
Land of peace, Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin America with more than 100 years of political stability.
Costa Rica's economy has been constantly growing during the last 10 years. The country has signed seven trade agreements with other Latin American Costa Rica Beach countries, and one trade with the United States (CAFTA). It also has preferential access agreements with several European markets. This economic development has been encouraged by direct ocean access on both coastlines, easy access by road to neighboring countries, Nicaragua and Panama, as well as regular flight connections to North America, Latin America and Europe. Costa Rica has two international airports: Juan Santamar�a in the capital city and Daniel Oduber in the northern city of Liberia.

Costa Rica is internationally known as a potential major electricity producer: 97% of the territory has electric power and telecommunications are available throughout the territory. In terms of health indicators, Costa Rica has the best life expectancy rate of Latin America: 78 years on average. San Jos�, the capital city, is ranked fourth amongCosta Rica Volcano the Latin America's cities with the best quality of life. 95% percent of Costa Ricans have access to drinkable water.

Costa Rica attracts important investments thanks to its efficient productivity in high technology, its well-educated population and the high-quality technical education accessible in the country.
Exuberant nature, pristine beaches, active volcanoes, contrasting landscapes, impressive places of scenic beauty, biological diversity ...

... this is Costa Rica ...

Costa Rica Activities... Hiking in the rainforest, horseback riding through picturesque trails, mountain biking in the country side, white water rafting in wild and untamed rivers, snorkeling through tropical reefs, surfing the most incredible breaks, sport fishing in cobalt blue waters, challenging golfing greens, kayaking, surfing ...

... the perfect place to spend your vacations in the tropics.


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Costa Rica Country Details

Costa Rica Flag Official name:
República de Costa Rica
Official language: Spanish
Capital: San José
Independence Date: September 15, 1821 (from Spain)
President: Oscar Arias Sánchez
Area: 51,100 km�
Percentage of water: 0.7%
Population: 4.13 million
Density: 80.66/km�
Currency: Colón (CRC)
Time zone: UTC -6
Internet TLD: .cr
Calling Code: 506

Did you know?

Costa Rica Hummingbird bills are specialized to feed on certain flowers, their length and curvature correspond to the exact dimensions of specific flower species.

Hummingbird Costa Rica

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National Museum, Central Valley

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